Cherry Lane

About Us

Since first taking root in Bedford County, Virginia in 2007, the small Cherry Lane Farm has grown -- slowly, but purposefully. It began with horses and a personal garden, but successes with growing garlic and laboring to pick wild blackberries piqued a passion for working on the land. The site – with about an acre of crop land – is operated by Ryan and Gretchen Tipps. We grow four types of garlic (Siberian, Inchelium Red, Persian Star, and Georgia Fire), which is our specialty, and we usually harvest about 12-15 quarts of blackberries a year as well as similar quantities of sour plums.
posted 09/15/2011 by Cherry Lane Farm

What is Certified Naturally Grown?

The grass-roots program is an alternative organic certification program that employs a peer-review inspection process built on local networks. To learn more, wander on over to the Certified Naturally Grown site.
posted 09/15/2011 by Cherry Lane Farm

Quote of the day:

"Garlic: It's what's for dinner"